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What will I see in the demo?
The demo is tailored to you, so you can see anything you want! You’ll get a bespoke tour of the complete Vita Mojo operating system, which will demonstrate how our products can power and grow your specific operation.
Do you have a recorded demo I can watch?
Vita Mojo’s versatility is one of its biggest strengths - we want to show you exactly how the operating system could be used to empower your specific business. That’s why our demos are totally bespoke (and much better than a recording!).
How can my operation use Vita Mojo?
This box isn’t big enough to count every way Vita Mojo can solve problems in your operation (that’s what the demo is for!), but take a look below at how the teams at LEON and YO! use our operating system to drive efficiency, increase revenue, and save costs.

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How leading brands are winning using Vita Mojo

YO! + Vita Mojo

  • 95%
    of all orders now taken through digital channels
  • 1
    full-time employee freed up per location with KDS
  • 95%
    increase in basket-level sales data
“We are thrilled that this process has led us to our fantastic new concept, combining the very best of belt and digital ordering technology to reinforce YO! as a market-leading brand for the future.”

LEON + Vita Mojo

  • 15%
    15% higher ATV with self-order kiosks
  • 233%
    increase in Click & Collect with digital loyalty schemes.
  • 21%
    increase in customer satisfaction
“Vita Mojo’s powerful digital ordering platform and obsessive approach to client success make them an exceptionally valuable partner for any restaurant brand”